The Lady or the Tiger: the Ending Essay

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The Lady or the Tiger

…Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right, and opened it. Before the gate had even reached a foot off the ground the young lover, heartbroken, watched four frantic feet pacing back and forth and heard a deep, rhythmic panting. His mind frenziedly raced with dozens of thoughts: How could you do this to me? My dear lover, do you care but only for yourself? Someone must have forced her to tell me to choose the right door! What sort of fool am I to fall in love with the fairest lady in the kingdom?! What am I to do now? Run… The tiger steadily stepped out of his dark cage, allowing the afternoon sun to warm his striped fur. He gazed first at the masses seated breathlessly around the stadium
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The crowd cried with an uproar heard leagues away in all directions and the princess, half relieved of her sorrow, gently smiled back at her lover while her father stared in awe. But ever so faintly, the young man heard a deep and vicious growl coming from behind the second gate. He quickly yelled for the crowd to quiet their rampant exuberance, so that the unknown sound could be heard more distinctively. With eyes red and ferocity swelling up in his body, the valiant youth shouted, "My fellow citizens! Hear now, the bellow of another tiger behind the second gate!" At this, the crowd gasped in disbelief and mocked the injustice the king showed toward his victim. Then, the embarrassed ruler turned his head toward his right and saw the streams of tears flowing from the eyes of his daughter as she glared at him and ran down the steps of the stadium toward her once-again lover. With outstretched arms, the young lovers embraced and kissed one another as the crowd once again shouted with joy from their seats. The man's trusted friend quickly hopped over the parapet and ran toward his living friend. Altair met his savior and embraced him, thanking him for his help and loyalty. Soon, however, the crowd's cheering began to gradually die down. Surprised, the lovers and friend turned to see the king coming into the stadium. With all due respect, the three gently bowed at the king, but before any of them could utter a word, his majesty spoke, "My
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