The Lady with a Dog Literary Analysis

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Throughout the short story of “Lady with a Dog” many characters drastically change. Personally, I believe that the person that shows the heavier amount of change is Gurov. Of course, both Gurov and Anna change, but Gurov takes things to a different level considering his past. Gurov is at the age of forty, he has a daughter at the age of twelve and also two other sons. By this time in most adults’ life they grow up. A man of this age most of the time is working on his career or focusing on his family. This is the complete opposite of Gurov. Gurov starts out in this short story as a lying, cheating, and heartless guy. When it was his time to marry he was very young and irresponsible about it, he marries a lady that he does not fall in …show more content…
As the story unfolds, Gurov at first changes subtly. First of all he meets Mrs. Anna Sergeyevna. His attitude at first is still the same, he finds her as another victim of his little game that he plays. He sits and watches, searching his mind for a ways to get her attention like he does for every woman. He still looks at women in the same sort of fashion. Anna and Gurov start spending time with each other more and more, he still plays his game. Each time that he meets her and tries to coax her into have an ice or syrup, yet he still looks at her as “pathetic.” After their first kiss he begins to realize that there is something different about this girl. Unlike the usual women he messes around with, she feels guilty about engaging in this affair with him. Anna does not give him the satisfaction of playing the game along with him. As he spends more time with Anna he becomes fond of her presence. He starts learning more about her, when she talks him listens intently instead of getting bored and rolling his eyes. When Anna gets a letter from her husband asking for her to come home, Gurov acts like it isn’t a big deal, he still believes he is playing his game. At first he forces himself to believe he is ok, but after they are apart for a while he realizes that Anna isn’t leaving him. She follows him everywhere, not just in his dreams. He feels something that he has never felt before, he
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