The Lagahoo Essay

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For years the story of the Lagahoo has traveled from ear to ear in the small village above the sea. Many of the elders tell the story to the impish children, in hopes that they will stop wreaking havoc and listen to their parents. These children will then go on, having not learnt their lesson, to tell the even younger ones this story, encouraging them to hand over their lunches if they didn’t want the Lagahoo to get them. This was the cycle that hung over this small village above the sea, a story of terror used and used and used again to benefit their needs. No one ever really believed in this tale however because no one had ever laid eyes on the Lagahoo before. This was the truth, until one day, a young boy and his father took up residence…show more content…
A normal man, just like him, just like his father, had made a deal with the devil and had received ultimate power. He had received the ability to change into any animal from the waist down, access to unlimited power and stalked the earth looking for souls to trap in his coffin. Oh how Hound’s mind was whirling, whirling like the chains the Lagahoo used to capture his victims, and he thought of the faces that these unlucky men had in the light of the three candles that followed the Lagahoo. Hound wanted to become this Lagahoo, and this was his last thought before crawling into his bed and letting sleep take…show more content…
His father’s attempts at punishment failed miserably, as Hound in an angered state of his father’s betrayal, bit his hand until it hung dangerously from a small piece of skin. Hound hunted more animals, leaving them to rot around the village. The young group of boys stopped playing outside, out of fear that Hound would hurt them too. News of a rabid half beast, half human had spread to other villages, causing whatever visitors that came before, to ignore this village above the sea, almost religiously. Hound had felt proud of himself, but he had no idea that the other villages weren’t the only ones to hear of his

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