The Lakota Tribe Of Native Americans

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From Little Creek in the movie Spirit to Tonto in the Lone Ranger, popular culture has always tried to portray the lifestyle and mentality of Native Americans. Directors and artists have attempted to show snippets of daily life through their works, drawing from actual artifacts or histories of actual Native American tribes still present in the modern day United States. One of these tribes are the Lakota, whose homeland was originally located in the Wisconsin, Michigan and Dakota region of today’s North America. From their day to day activities to their extensive culture the history of the Lakota tribe of Native Americans are a very intriguing aspect included in Native American studies. Some major areas of interest include: their daily life…show more content…
The Lakota’s would grind the ingredients together with a pounding stone. Wasna was a very good source of protein and the Lakota valued this traditional recipe not only as a food, but also as a healing instrument. Therefore, Wasna is often seen as a sacred food and was often used in ceremonies and rituals.” It has been found that the high protein content in this dish helps to greatly elevate iron levels and promotes healing. Along with food dishes, herbs, and various berries found around their territory medicine men would perform healing rituals and pray to their gods to help fight off sickness, injuries, and battle wounds. Lakota Medicine men would often communicate or have visions of the gods they believed in and these visions would assist them with advising their tribe or healing their people. Nature and the world around them had a large part in forming these spirits. As stated by (Lakota Indians, 2017) “The Lakota have strong ties to nature and the spirit and belief in many different gods. A popular element in the Lakota religion has been the use of vision quest to pray to the Gods and as a rite of passage into adulthood.” Found in many Native American cultures is the belief in the father sun and the mother earth, which is echoed in the myths of the Lakota. Many religious figures were found in the stories passed on through the Lakota tribe and other Native
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