The Lamb And The Tyger Essay

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Derrick Warren English 102 Professor. Scott McWaters Research paper (Title later) 11/19/15 (Rough Draft) Research Paper (The Lamb and The Tyger; Creativity) When reading the poem, The Lamb and The Tyger written by William Blake, it was extremely confusing as the reader has no idea what Blake is talking about without doing further research. As the reader begins to research more about the author and the poem itself, the reader will come to find out that the poem was a part of one of William Blake’s larger works entitled Songs of Innocence. It will begin to become clear to the reader very soon after reading the poem, why a poem like the Lamb would be in such a work. The poem the Lamb is all about God. It poses the difficult yet simple…show more content…
When something, anything is created nobody knows what it will become. On January 20th, 1892 in Springfield, Massachusetts the game of basketball was born. Dr. James Naismith would be credited for creating the game of basketball during the winter months at a local YMCA. The game consisted of thirteen rules, nine of which are still in existence today. The final score of the first game was 1-0 with William Chase being credited with the first ever basket. There is no way anybody could tell that when Dr. Naismith created the game of basketball he thought it would turn into the game it is today. The game of basketball is pure representation of the lamb as the game was created from one man to give another man or woman something to do in his or her free time. The game was not created out of greed or jealousy it was purely for fun and something to do. The game of basketball is also the definition of creativity as the game continues to get more creative each and every day with players now going from just passing the ball to dribbling, shooting three point shots, and even dunks. When the game of basketball was in its earliest stages, there wasn’t even a such thing as a basketball. It doesn’t get much more creative than that. The first ever basketball was a soccer ball because Dr. Naismith did not even have enough money to create a new ball. It wouldn’t be until two whole years later that the basketball was created. In the first ever basketball game eighteen players
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