The Lamb

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Kayla Johnson English 102 Poetry Essay MLA “The Lamb” by William Blake Thesis Statement: “The Lamb”, by William Blake, is a joyous Christian poem about one of the most innocent animals created by God; although this poem is mostly about a lamb, it also explains how God has created everything. Outline: I. Introduction A. Thesis B. “Who made thee?” II. William Blake A. Obsessed with lambs B. Originally a child’s song III. Religious Aspect (Theme) A. “For He calls himself a Lamb” B. John 1:29 C. “He became a child” IV. Setting A. My view B. Literal Picture V. Conclusion A. “Little Lamb God bless you!” B. Thesis restated “The Lamb”, by William Blake, is a joyous Christian poem about one of the most…show more content…
In John 1:29 (New International Version), He is known as “The Lamb of God” , and many other passages in the Bible. One of the things the author of this poem wants people to know is that lambs are sweet and gentle. By saying that, he is also stating that God is sweet and gentle as well. In the first stanza, the speaker asks who the lamb's creator is; however, the answer is not told until the end of the poem. Here is where one would find a physical description of the lamb, which is seen as a pure and gentle creature. In the second stanza, however, the lamb is compared with baby Jesus, as well as between the lamb and the speaker's soul. In the last two lines of the poem, the speaker identifies the creator as God. It seems that Blake asks “who made thee” in one of his other poems, which is known as a companion to The Lamb, and it is called The Tiger. Blake likes to question who could be responsible for these creations. The speaker of the poem makes a direct reference to Jesus from the Bible in line seventeen. The child-speaker said, “He became a child.” Jesus, the Son of God, was sent down from Heaven to be born of a virgin. Jesus took the form of a child because just like a lamb, they resemble innocence, peace, and gentleness. Christ is peace, gentle, caring, complex, and simple at the same time. Jesus is also known as a sacrificial lamb because He died on the cross for everyone’s sins. John 1: 29 states, “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward
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