The Land Banking Policy On The County's Planned Programming Budget Systems

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The Land Banking policy contributes heavily to the County 's Planned-Programming Budget Systems. (PPBS), a type of budgeting that stresses the use of analytical techniques to improve policy-making. the format that comes closest to rational budget decision-making. The PPBS takes organizational goals and break them down into specific objectives and group similar activities into programs that relate to each other. An example is the protection of persons and property. Other policy recommendations is the continuing use of the Revenue Systems.

Program and policy expenditures are made to improve the lives of citizens. Most government revenues are derived from taxes. Individual and income taxes are the chief source of revenues. The
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second, lotteries are popular with the residents, and because they are voluntary, it does not require periodic tax hikes.

The lottery has also help to relieve pressures on state and local governments to increase taxes for costly services. The state of Tennessee earmark the lottery proceeds for education and other important government functions.

Therefore, the Tennessee Lottery has becoming of growing importance as a means of generating a revenue system to help finance the government 's operations.

The property tax is a form of tax on wealth. the tax is levied on the value of an asset rather than on current earnings like income taxes. Local government rely heavily upon property taxes as a constant revenue source.The property tax is generally considered regressive, and in many places has sparked opposition. General dissatisfaction with property taxes helped to launch Proposition 13 in California and similar tax revolts movements throughout the United States. Various localities were forced to diversify their tax base and turn to other sources of revenues. An example is state aid. School districts, to a great extent, are also relying on state aid and less upon property taxes. the property tax is predominantly a local tax that accounts for approximately 2 percent of tax revenues for state governments. Different methods in different localities make allowances for people in determining their tax burden.

The Shelby County Tennessee Government uses
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