The Land Of Opportunity : Immigrants

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The Land of Opportunity Immigrants created America, a nation that has embraced immigration. Throughout the years, America developed its “American Dream” concept, which states that anyone can succeed in the United States as long as that person works hard and does gives up. That concept, hope or dream attracts thousands of individuals, many of which leave their native countries with their hearth full of hope and the illusion of reaching and living the “American Dream.” However, the wonderful dream in many occasions has become nothing but a horrible and unbearable nightmare. They arrive to “the land of opportunity” that they thought was awaiting for them with fortune and instead encounter a divided society, in which some people understand their plight and sympathize with them while other look at them with anger, resentment, and even hate as if they are anything but human beings. To understand the struggle that many immigrants suffer in their quest for a better life, we have to either be an immigrant, be the descendant of one or become close to one; otherwise, we might not understand their experience enough to relate to them and what it meant to leave their country, family and friends behind. Since both legal and illegal immigration exists in America, our society ought to learn about immigration, what causes it, and what it contributes to our nation’s prosperity. I believe immigrants are essential to the well-being of the nation for several reasons. One reason that
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