The Land Of The Free Essay

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The land of the free, the land of opportunity, the American dream; it sounds as if any individual in the United States who is willing to work hard is destined for wealth beyond their wildest dreams. While the United States is a free market and therefore individuals are not restricted from moving up the social ranks the belief that anyone can move up into the upper class is incredibly farfetched. In fact, the vast majority of people wind up in the same social class that they were born into. While there are some outliers, most people in the United States remain in the same social class in our not so meritocratic society. So if the United States is supposed to be the land of equal opportunity and freedom, why is it that we are not a fully meritocratic society in which those who work the hardest are the ones who succeed? The answer is resources. People are born into many different situations. Some people are born to rich families and other to poor families; the resources these families are able to provide to their children help them obtain the same status as their parents and their parents before them. For example, a child is born into a rich family; this child has a competitive advantage over children born into lower class families. The child who is born into the rich family can have the most assistance throughout life. This child’s parents pay for him or her to go to a private school, they can afford to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for high level test preparation

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