The Land Of The Long White Cloud Essay

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Aotearoa, “The land of the long white cloud”, is known today by many people as New Zealand, the third most beautiful country in the world. If one is planning on moving there or visiting, it definitely a country that will not disappoint. New Zealand is known for many things, especially their outstanding food and their successful economic situation. During 800 C.E. a group of people from Polynesia, made their way over to New Zealand. In the 17th century the same group of Polynesians evolved as the Maori, a spiritual group. The Maori are responsible for New Zealand’s original name Aotearoa, “The land of the long white cloud”. However, that name was changed when a Dutch explorer landed on their land, he changed the name to New Zealand, after a Dutch province. When the Europeans came to New Zealand, the Maori tribe was pushed out of their homes, farms and businesses. It was not until 1840 that Britain signed the Treaty of Waitangi, which protected the Maori tribe for fear of the Europeans. New Zealand was a colony governed by the British until 1907. Now the queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth, only has a small amount of control over New Zealand. The Maori culture still exists in New Zealand today. Visitors who go to New Zealand can experience their food, daily rituals, and song and dance if they would like to learn more about their culture. The New Zealand rugby team before every game performs the traditional Maori war dance, Kapa Haka, to scare their opponent. The
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