The Land Registration Act 2002

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The land registration act 2002 was aimed at implementing the compulsory recording of titles in land, so as to retain the information in one piece, therefore making interest in land simpler to identify. The authors took into consideration the fact that the land register was rather fairly accurate, because despite the mirror principle that the register is a reflection of title, this is not entirely true. In this essay I will show the extent to which the land register is fairly accurate in its registering of titles. Land registration was first operated under the Land registration act 1925. This was the first act, which came into existence before it was repealed and replaced by the LRA 2002.

After registration of title to land, the registrar
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The act created a scheme for registration of most kinds of entitlement in land.
(To be referenced)The land registration act 2002 in its creation is to ensure that as many interests in registered land as possible are shown on the register (or, if not on the register, are not binding on purchasers and to make arrangements that will allow dispositions of registered land to be handled electronically. The LRA 2002 came into existence and in effect replaced the previous act which was the LRA 1925. With the LRA 2002 came some modifications, which in effect made registration of property faster and cheaper. It also ensured immediate recording of transactions and constant updating of the register so as to avoid the late recording of new owners of land.

Earlier I mentioned different grades of tittle, which would be awarded by the registrar after the registration of a title. Going into greater coverage of these grades of title, there is absolute freehold. The absolute freehold is granted a piece of land when the registrar can see that the necessary information concerning the land is provided. Information about the land can be easily explained to prospective purchasers. However it has been stated that the registrar does not only have to grant thus grade of title to only perfect land, but rather is allowed to overlook certain information, therefore creating a method of prevention, which disallows future purchasers from being disturbed with technical defects. This is the reason
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