The Land of Lost

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Land of the Lost Stewart O’Nan Everybody has tried to be lost, either in a physical place or in their own life and mind. This theme is the short story ‘’ Land of the Lost’’ about. Here experiences the reader the development of a woman, who gets more and more obsessed with a case about a missing girl. The short story never explains to the reader, if the woman finds the girl, and why she is so obsessed, which I will try to find out. I will analyse the main character, her obsession, the title and therefor will I analyse the ending of the story with the information, I discover. The events of the short story are being told as a 3rd limited person narrator, because we only see the events from the main character’s point of view, and how she…show more content…
However, there can also be another reason. I concluded in the other paragraph that she has dedicated her whole life to the searching of the missing girl. So now when she has found the girl, she has no more to do, and her purpose and the feeling of being useful are now gone. This can you also see in the title ‘’ Land of the Lost’’. The land of lost can have two meanings, it can be the place, where the girl is buried, because she is the lost one and is laying in the soil. On the other hand, it can also signify that the main character is feeling lost in her life, because it is not, as it used to be. She once had a husband, and her kids were living at home and depended on her, but now she is alone with her dog. She is therefor lost in her life and doesn’t know, what the purpose of her life exactly is anymore. . As a result, the author is trying to show the reader, that all people sometimes gets lost, either in the physical world or in their own mind and life. I have found out in my essay that the short story is written in 3rd person narrator and has this mysterious vibe around it. The main character is obsessed with the searching for the little girl, because she herself is lost in her own life. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. S. 1. L. 2-3 (O'Nan, 2009) [ 2 ]. s. 3 l. 77 (O'Nan, 2009) [ 3 ]. s. 2 l. 19-20 (O'Nan, 2009) [ 4 ]. p. 2 l. 72-73 (O'Nan,
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