The Landlady Analysis

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The Landlady

Roald Dahl’s realistic fiction story, “The Landlady,” takes place in Bath, London at a Bed & Breakfast. Billy Weaver, a seventeen year old boy, is exploring the streets of london trying to find a place to spend the night. Billy is unaware of his surroundings and is not listening, while exploring the dark streets of london. By using foreshadowing, and sensory details, Roald Dahl creates the lesson that things are not always as they seem.

Billy is not conscientious, and so it is milipinating not only himself but his actions. One example of this is, The old man explains to Billy that there is a Pub, “The Bell and Dragon” a quarter mile away. Billy goes off looking for it, but comes across a Bed & Breakfast that feels cozy,
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The devious giveaway sentence, “I’m almost positive I’ve heard those names before Somewhere. Maybe it was in the Newspaper” (3). The Landlady has only ever had two other guests sign the book in the front living room. The names sound unmistakably familiar to Billy. As Billy is thinking about the names the landlady very much so interrupts him and says, “They were tall, young and handsome, my dear, just exactly like you,” these two quotes from Billy and the Landlady help the reader infer that if two boys were in the newspaper and this lady says something unordinary creepy, than something terrible could come from Billy (4). This is significant because it ties back into the theme that everything is not what it seems. The Landlady seemed nice and caring, but it looks like things have changed. His foreshadowing is not the only craft he uses to develop the idea. The sensory details in the story also show how everything is not what it seems.The descriptive sentence, “He went right up and peered through the glass into the room, and the first thing he saw was a bright fire in the hearth” (1). He is so caught up in the overall effect of the inside of the house, he does not think of the horrific things the house also could have. If Billy would have been more careful and cautious while finding a place to stay, all of these problems he is facing could have been avoided. Dahl uses this descriptive sentence to show how Billy is engaged in looking at the inside of the
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