The Language And Literacy Development Of The Children Using Aac

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usage, family involvement and follow-up visits to schools. Qualitative and quantitative measures were used for the purpose of charting a holistic and detailed picture of the language and literacy development of the children using AAC. The goal of the study is to explore effective approaches for supporting communication (including oral language, literacy, and technology skills) among those who require AAC devices. They took part in an intensive, 4-week summer intervention program. The program was designed to explore effective approaches, content and contexts for supporting communication, including oral language, literacy, and technology skills for those who require AAC. Results indicated students using AAC benefit from the integration of…show more content…
The results were found to be that the reality of inclusion was based on the lives and experiences of the people practicing it daily. Their conclusion was that while governmental policy mandates schools implement programs a specific way, when there is ambiguities regarding practice and performance (Meyers, 2007). The next study was a quantitative longitudinal study lasting 8 weeks was created to determine if the attitudes of student teachers who were taught without inclusion as a primary focus could be affected in a positive way when placed in a classroom where inclusion was the focus. The purpose of this study is twofold: first to determine if students’ attitude towards inclusion in their classroom is best gained during the educational part of the course study or in the experience portion of the credential process (Lambe & Bones, 2007). It also looked to determine the key factors that can influence attitude change during the credential process, before candidates advance to student teaching. The findings of this study were that surveys given at the end of the student teaching experience showed a significant change in personal attitudes and beliefs from the first administration of the surveys. The authors conclude that students in the end stages of their credential program already had a positive attitude towards
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