The Language For South American And China

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Each country has their own development history. In the historical development, they formed their own culture. Culture can reflect the characteristics of a country, and the preferences of the people that live in that country. China and American are the representatives of traditional and modern countries, the difference of the history culture makes the current differneces. China and the United States are two completely different countries, the former is an ancient country with a long history of five thousand years, the latter is an emerging country that only has two hundred year of history, China was the leader of world civilization, the center of the world. However, the last two centuries the history was full beyond. In addition, now the world leader, it is the United States. If use these cultures of the two countries to make a comparison, I do not know will happen what kind of an interesting phenomenon. The language for South American and China are different. Chinese Language has lots of literary styles, myths and legends of ancient times, poetry, prose Qin Dynasty, poetry of the Tang Dynasty, Song iambic and Yuan drama and Ming and Qing fiction. In fact, language is the reaction of a culture, and is a true portrayal of the national character. Chinese people implicit and Americans direct. Implicit but has its charm, Direct but refreshed either. There is a classic song called moon represents my heart, there are sentences lyrics called "You ask how deeply I love you, I
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