The Language Of Bhutanese English In The English Language

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English, although is a second language for Bhutanese, it is used as medium of instruction in education and official correspondence. It encompasses linguistic features like grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. With the introduction of the modern education system in the 1960s, the Bhutanese government not only decided to include English as a subject in the curriculum but also as the medium of instruction. Since then, the way that Bhutanese use English, both written and spoken, has progressed, accelerating Bhutan’s education system, economic development and opening Bhutan’s door to the outside world with English as a means of communication. The Government’s goal of equipping the Bhutanese citizens with the language so as to communicate with the international population is achieved. However, the learning of English in Bhutanese schools can still be focused further for the betterment in the future. Thus, this essay will discuss the salient features of Bhutanese English in the areas of…show more content…
Writing proper English with correct grammatical rules but littered with spelling errors will mar the whole meaning. Spelling words correctly is very important for students. They must learn the correct spellings not to confuse the readers. “Learning how to spell is very important for other basic skills, including writing and reading” (Webanywhere, 2016). And also, to learn to spell words correctly is the most useful skill in one’s life that builds the basis which children need throughout their educational fields and lives. This skill helps children obtaining good results and progress through the grades. Being confident in spelling shall have a great impact in their future career (Webanywhere, 2016). Spelling of words in the present day children are spoilt by technologies. Students are found using spellings which are used
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