The Language Of Clothes By Alison Lurie

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ESSAY INTRODUCTION “BEFOR I CAN TALK TO YOU, PEOPLE SHOW THEIR SEX, AGE, CALSS, POSITION, WITH WHAT THEY ARE WEARING. ALL THIS IS REGISTERED UNCONCIOSLY“ Those words said by Alison Lurie in the language of clothes (1992), reflect perfectly the main point of my research. The society we are now living is an extremely conscious society regarding body image and the way we are presented to the exterior. We found an obsessive trend on wanting to look like celebrities by having certain items or looks and in relation to that a fear of not being percepted the tight way. This is where we found relation to how clothes are part of a conversation we haven 't started and are a form of expression. As there will be explained further on, we use clothes as a sign of our identity,as a way of representing ourselves and stand out from the crowd and also influence on how we appear in front of others making them (clothes) a huge part of our non verbal communication. This essay will discuss the ideas behind self -expression and the role of clothes has changed in that mater thought time. If we go back to the language of clothes or to clothes as a sign system we can see that this mater has been of interest since 1850 in literature (Balzac 1839), and later on by many theoretical figures such as Barthres, Simmel,Hegel or Goffmann. Refearing to Fashion as the language of sign it, its iconography goes from clothes to hats to hair to tattoos to other accessories. This turns the activity of fashion a

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