The Language Of Persuasion, Advertising, And Advertising

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Known as the language of persuasion, advertisements have been speaking to us consumers for as long as anyone can remember. We are constantly being bombarded by big corporations to buy their products and services. No medium is left untouched; television, social media, radio, billboards, and even other people are used as vehicles for messages a given company is trying to reinforce. With the advent of technology, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to stand out to consumers in an impactful fashion. Apple Computer managed to do just that with their ‘Get a Mac’ campaign that launched in 2006; these 62 advertisements used a combination of humor, ethos, pathos, and logos to sell upscale computers to the market at an alarmingly…show more content…
Human judgment is much more easily swayed by negative humor than by positive information, and the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign reinforced that idea perfectly. Apple personified Windows computers as stiff and old fashioned. Hodgman played the role marvelously; viewed as a shallow befuddled nerd decked out in drab uncomfortable clothing he managed to represent the vast majority of Windows users in a comical light (Moren). On the other hand, Apple represented Justin Long as a young, friendly, confident individual who wears designer clothes and that thrusts his hands in his jean pockets in a calm and collective fashion (Moren). In each of the advertisements Hodgman is on the left while Long is on the right, and they are featured against a plain white background. This simplistic stylistic choice allowed the audience to focus on the subject at hand, and leave no distractions while delivering the message of a superior computer. The charm of these 30-second commercials comes from Apple’s clever implementation of humor to an otherwise boring topic that is computers. They made the subject of computers interesting to computer fanatics and novices alike. For example, in the advertisement entitled ‘Virus’ Hodgman is seen sniffling into a tissue, he warns Long to stay away from him claiming that he doesn’t want to pass the illness (Nudd). Long says he isn’t worried since he
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