The Language Student Profile Is For Mrs. Elizabeth Flores And Includes A Learner Profile

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Learners Background
The following Language student profile is for Mrs. Elizabeth Flores and includes a Learner Profile (Appendix). Mrs. Flores is a stay at home wife and mother of two, the oldest in kindergarten. She has lived in the United States for the last 14 years emigrating from Puebla, Mexico. Before having children, she worked within in the community she resides not requiring English language skills. According to Elizabeth, learning English is important and will enable her to communication with schools, medical professionals, support her children in learning, and increase future job prospects. She completed Upper Secondary school in her native country, although she states, “it was a burden on her family due to the cost.” While there she completed one year of English, clarifying that “it is very different than what you hear in the US.” Regrettably, she has limited opportunities to use English outside of the classroom since Spanish is the only language spoken in the home along with most of her daily tasks are within the Spanish-speaking indigenous community she lives. The exception medical and education-related interactions that require English particularly due to her son’s High Definition Attention Deficit (HDAD) diagnosis.
Cognitive Psychological Factors
Through the learners assessment, Elizabeth shared “in Mexico I just needed to listen to learn”. Appling those same skills when she arrived in the US she has acquired active listening and English oral comprehension…
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