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The Language of Java What is Java? Java, in it’s simplest definition, is a dynamic computer application that can run a program to accomplish a task. Java runs in all sorts of things in the average person’s life; things such as car stereo systems, televisions, cell phone applications, websites, and more. But, where did it come from, and how does it work, and how has it impacted our lives today? Java was first created by Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, and James Gosling in 1994. However, they started writing the code for it four years earlier in 1990. They originally started making it to try and make a new and more practical way of computing. Originally, Java was called “Oak”, and it was being made for the Green Project in Sun…show more content…
The different types were called Java 2 Platform: Standard Edition, which was made for stand-alone developers with desktop workstations and anything related, Java 2 Platform: Enterprise Edition, which was created for an enterprise that was very dependent on their server systems, and Java Platform 2: Micro Edition, which was for consumer devices like phones, stereos, etc ( Next year, co-founder and Chief executive of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs announces that each new version of the Mac OS X will contain Java 2 Standard Edition. In 2004, Sun Microsystems takes a big step and considers making Java an open-source application. At this point, official Java projects must go through certain process, and if altered, it must be approved. Even though at first James Gosling, Sun Microsystem vice president Rob Gingell, and Redmonk Analyst James Governor all disagree to allow Java to be open-sourced, it does in 2006 ( In 2005, the tenth year of Java, the object-oriented language has gone from it’s original web-animation purpose to doing much more. At the time, Java has driven more than $100 billion dollars of revenue a year for companies, has more than 4.5 million developers, over 2.5 billion Java-enabled devices, and an estimated 708 million Java handsets worldwide ( In 2007, JavaFX is released. This makes it easier to build web applications and devices. Things change dramatically in 2008 when Blu-Ray begins to use Java in their devices. Because Java
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