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The Language of Performing Arts “The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities” I have always thought that performance is about showing situation/emotions that others can only dream about, when acting you are living/creating the life, if only for a moment of infinite number of possibilities, the above quotes sums up my view perfectly. The Idea of creating a performance for an audience fires my imagination. I try to analyse performance to see how things work/don’t work. Performance In performance there are three stages of development when creating a performance piece with…show more content…
Playing around with several ideas and just generally thinking what it would be like to be in a specific situation helped the development of believable characters/pieces. This was particularly important for us when developing our final combined piece (stimuli for my combined piece was “Years Ago” were discarded. One of the ideas that we later dropped was for the main character, to continuously be innocent/trustworthy; this idea wasn’t used due the fact we wanted to add contrast in the piece. However one of the initial ideas that we did use for use for the final piece was not to show the change of scenes with major alterations to the set, and to have only one prop (lit match – focus point for the audience) apart from costume so in order to convey the change of scene we used lighting and proxemics. Constantin Stanislavski teaches that actors should draw from their own experiences, to understand and interpret emotions and events that the character may experience. Therefore it is essential that emotions and reactions become absorbed in the fictitious world of the character and are not reproduced mechanically or the illusion of reality will be lost. This concept is best defined in the following Stanislavski quote… “The more an actor has observed and known, the greater their experience, the clearer their perception of inner and outer circumstances of the life in
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