The Laptop Is An Amazing Achievement Of Technology

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The laptop is an amazing achievement of technology. They allow us to do things that computers can do. The biggest difference between a computer and a laptop is the difference in portability. The laptop is lighter and smaller than most computers. Because of the laptop’s weight and size, laptops can be used and taken virtually anywhere. This report will go over the laptop’s motherboard, the Central Processing Unit, the Random Access Memory, and the chips.
The motherboard is the core of any computer. Every component of the computer must connect to the motherboard in some way. There are many different types of motherboards. Each motherboard type differs in size and features. The common motherboard types include ATX (Advanced Technology Extended), Mini-ATX, Micro-ATX, Flex-ATX, and Mini-ITX (Information Technology Extended). The ATX motherboard’s common measurements are 30.5 by 24.4 centimeters. The Mini-ATX motherboard’s usual dimensions are 28.4 by 20.8 centimeters. The Micro-ATX motherboard’s common dimensions are 24.3 by 24.3 centimeters. The Flex-ATX motherboard’s usual measurements are 22.9 by 19.1 centimeters. The Mini-ITX motherboard’s common dimensions are 17.0 by 17.0 centimeters.
The motherboard of a laptop is not very different compared to normal computer motherboards. The main difference between the motherboards is the size. Laptops are smaller so the motherboard and parts are miniaturized. Foxconn manufactured the motherboard we used for this report. Figure 1:
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