The Laptop Market Is A Thoroughly Saturated One

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The laptop market is a thoroughly saturated one. The range of uses of a laptop today is quite diverse. The low-end being the Chromebook and netbooks, an ultra-light and ultra-portable PC. These devices are used for surfing the web and some light word processing. Then we have the high-end, being the enthusiast laptops; Asus ROG and MSI have cornered the market in this group. They are not so portable and are generally heavier machines, but are the best of the best for on the go hardcore performance. This laptop, the Eluktronics P670RP, was designed for the top of that spectrum. Which boasts an impressively atrocious set of nomenclature rules for their laptop line-up. Despite the arbitrary model name, it is an impressive laptop. It’s no…show more content…
The company’s home page is a hodge-podge of poor layout and an unattractively designed logo. When compare to Asus, a much more established company, they pale in comparison. The color theme of the logo is a quite dismal looking yellow and black. One could safely assume they don’t expect many consumers to visit the site based solely on this poor presentation. There is no excuse for any company, whose best-selling product comes in just under a thousand dollars, to have such a disappointing website. Even still amongst the amalgamation of gray and light gray, there is a reprieve. Their products are well organized on the site and rightfully so; they had to get it right somewhere. They offer a fairly large range of laptops for different budgets. Among their proprietary offerings, they have some third party products as well. One might think this may be the path chosen to obtain the capital for the Deleware-based company in a market so thoroughly glutted with overseas based companies. It begs the question, however, if more time and resources were spent on presentation and advertising would they not show better sales? When searching for a laptop a decision must be made on the use case. This decision will be directly related to the components needed for the laptop. Someone looking to just browse the internet need not select a laptop with the latest and greatest hardware. The less expensive i3 processor is all that is needed for web browsing, and you need only

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