The Laramie Project, By Moses Kaufman Essay

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Introduction Moses Kaufman is the producer of the successful play “The Laramie Project” after a horrific incident that occurred in Laramie. Members of the artistic group of Kaufman 's, traveled to Laramie to find out more about the horrific incidence. The main aim of the whole project was to find the emotions, reactions, and reflections that the people of Laramie manifested concerning the beating and subsequent death of a twenty-three-year-old college student (Gale, 2016). A lot of questions were raised concerning the death as people had different point of views. Some thought it was a hate crime, others thought it was just a brutal assault or a form of robbery. Four hundred interviews were conducted so as to come up with the reasons behind the brutal murder straight from the town folks. The main issue was how homosexuality was defined in the crime. The Laramie Project, questioned the rights of the LGBT+ group. For example, why were Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders discriminated by the community and the society as a whole even though their rights were constitutional? Context From the play, Matthew Shepard a college student at the University of Wyoming was tied up in a cattle fence. The student was majoring in political science and was believed to be gay, and he did not like hiding the fact that he is one. Matthew was free and open. In one cold night, in October, Matthew was brutally beaten up in the head, robbed and later tied up on a fence and was left to stay

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