The Largest Supplier Of The World

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eighth largest supplier in the world. According to Flannery the richest 0.12 percent of Mexico’s population controls nearly half of the country’s wealth. Simultaneously the poverty level went from 45.5 percent to 46.2 percent between 2012-2014 (Flannery, 2016). This is because nearly 60 percent of the workforce is employed doing informal work, such as “washing windows, selling snacks in the street, or working in domestic service” (Flannery, 2016). June 2015 Mexico had increased their business investment by 8.6%. This was their highest rate since 2012. Mexico is expected to export 2.9 million cars is 2015. This is a record breaking number (Flannery, 2015). In 2015 a number of companies such as Boeing, Audi and GM have made investments into the country for the sake of their companies. Ford spent 2.5 billion to build new state of the art facilities in Mexico (Flannery, 2015), and in 2015 IBM declared that they would be spending over 1.2 billion in order to build a cloud computing source is Mexico (Flannery, 2015) Is Mexico’s economy successful Since Mexico started becoming democratized in around 2002 the country has been showing “strong macroeconomic growth” (Werz, 2016) and in 2012 Mexico’s GDP was growing at a steadier rate then the US. The most important ingredient in Mexico’s success is a middle class that consists of men and women, who are “younger, more educated, wealthier, healthier, and more willing and able to integrate women into the labor force than any previous
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