The Last Bookshop

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Books are getting old you know, people just don’t seem to like them anymore, now that there is this new holographic gaming, internet, television stuff. I haven’t had a customer for 25 years 2 months and 6 days, but I open my bookshop hoping someone will come…

I own the last bookshop in the whole world. I have got thousands of books and all of my books are 5th or 6th handed, they are very old, even older than me and I am nearly 70 years old. People used to give me books from people who had died or didn’t want their books.

It is around the year 2070; the world has changed so much since I was a boy. There is so much new technology, most devices you can control with hand movements, it amazes me. These days a book is almost as rare as a type writer was in the year 2014, and so is cold hard cash. Anyway that’s enough introducing from me; let me tell you the rest of my story…

It was in the afternoon of this cold and grey day, I was minding my own business, putting the books on their shelf and tidying up the place. I saw a book in the middle of the shelf half sticking out, how unusual I thought to myself. Then I started to hear footsteps run down the stairs. So I try to find the person to give them their book.
Finally I found him, a school boy standing right in front of me,

“You’re here” I said

“Who’s here?” the 11 year old boy replied.


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