The Last Day Of Elizabeth

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The next day Elizabeth received an invitation to Duke of Stratford’s Ball. No doubt Blair had secured it for her – she’d never run in his set before. She appreciated Blair’s efforts but wondered how on earth she’d manage a new gown suitable for such an occasion. The Duke’s spring ball was considered the event of the season. The Regent might even put in an appearance. London’s finest would be out in their most impressive jewels and costly gowns. This was not a playing field Elizabeth was prepared for. She went to her room to survey her paltry evening gowns and dwindling jewellery case. What she found further underscored her plight. “Marie, what am I to do? The only gown remotely sufficient is two seasons old and at least a size too…show more content…
“Can you believe it Madame? The boy said it was a gift from a friendly admirer!” Fear and trepidation were all Elizabeth felt. She had no admirers and any who might send such a gift had only thing they wanted in payment and she was no merry widow. “Marie, let me see the card so I know where to send it back”. “No Madame! You can’t! You’ve nothing to wear to the ball”. “Then I’ll have to stay home and risk Blair’s wrath. Give me the card Marie”. Marie half-heartedly handed it over her face a mask of disappointment. A mistress with neither youth nor funds was not worthy of her talents. The note read “Once in while a woman should have exactly what she wants exactly when she needs it, B”. Tears formed in Elizabeth’s eyes. The gratitude and appreciation of her friend’s perceptive kindness overwhelmed her. “It’s from Blair. She would brook no refusal and daren’t try to return it. Let’s withdraw to my bedroom and see how it looks. I do hope it fits!” It was too much. She was trembling with each parcel she opened. Marie was beside herself. One treasure was more glorious than the next. Blair had managed to even include some scandalous silk drawers and stockings with a note saying enclosed saying “Never under estimate the effect of silk on a woman’s body”. There wasn’t one item forgotten in her ensemble right down to a beautiful pale, pink French fan with a silver handle. Now Elizabeth had no excuse to offer nor did she want to.
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