The Last Duchess By Robert Browning

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“Art is an expression of human creative skill and imagination” (google) Paintings are works of art created to express or let out a person’s creativity or feelings towards a certain subject. In Robert Browning’s dramatic monologue, “The Last Duchess”, he uses the painting as a symbolism of the Duke’s relationship with his former wife. Therefore, as the Duke tries to impress people with his wealth through the painting of Fra Pandolf, he instead unintentionally displays his true personality to others. Initially, the painting is used to reveal Duke’s jealous nature as he mistakes his wife’s friendless as flirting which later reveals his controlling nature. Ultimately, the Duke’s selfishness and greed for power is slowly revealed through abusing art to control his wife and others. Trust is a key factor to have a healthy relationship. The Duke is unhappy and gets jealous when the Duchess smiles at men and “thank[s] men—good!” (31) as he thinks she doesn’t smile nor enjoy his company the way she smiles at other men. This reveals that the duke’s relationship with her is that the Duchess does not give him enough attention. Browning also reveals that the Duke is hiding the painting behind a curtain, this suggests that he doesn’t want her to be smiling and looking at anyone but him. The hiding of the painting also represents how the Duke only wants the Duchess for himself. The blush that is called the “spot/ of joy into the Duchess’ cheek” (14-15) reveals that the Duke only wants his
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