The Last Emperor Of Germany And King Of Prussia

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Meray Aslan 2/16/2017

The last emperor of Germany and king of Prussia still stirs up many different opinions is Kaiser II. He was a strong and effective leader through his discipline, self-assurance and nationalism, whose sole passion is to make their country the best it could be. Kaiser Wilhelm II was born on January 27, 1859 to Prince Frederick of Prussia and princess Victoria of the United Kingdom. Prince Fredrick then fell ill and died after just 99 days of his reign and Wilhelm II took the throne at just the age of 29. Throughout his reign, Wilhelm II had a clear vision of the way he would like to run his country and his personality made him more than capable to achieve his goals. He was very well educated and passionately
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This is explained when “The Emperor, who himself sees to everything, has so much to do in reading all these documents that if he wishes to examine each in detail---which with him is a principle---he cannot allow himself an instant 's rest.”(Leudet). This is a very important aspect of his personality to analyze as a leader because through his actions and values, he clearly puts his country first before himself. His persistence to be In control of everything is something to be admired because he was even able to push Otto von Bismarck out who can be a very persuasive and aggressive man who has been involved with the monarchy for a long time. This creates an image of the monarchy as a leader as caring and considerate in the most graceful way which leads to respect. This attitude as a monarch, towards his image is something many leaders do not do. Some monarchs have an entitled attitude and value their pompous image above all. While Wilhelm is approaching his image in a noble and modest fashion where he is here to take care of the people and country even if it keeps him up all night. He believes in doing things and solving issue in the moments and not wasting time (Leudet). This principle is very admirable and inspiring because it shows that as a good leader, he is there to guide the people with his full effort. His detail, discipline and extremely hands on attitude made people believe in how important his role is for the country is and
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