The Last Intervention Focused On Healthy Eating

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The last intervention focused on healthy eating. According to Martin and Martin (2014) inadequate food intake can impair individual’s mental health through nutritional deficiencies. Unfortunately for most patients the lack of knowledge and skills coupled with poor social-economic background leads to increased risk of eating unhealthy food. There was also evidence from the monthly weight monitoring chart that some patients’ experienced weight gain since admission on the ward. Tranter et al (2012) proposed that staff need to introduce healthy eating session as this will educate patients about the food groups, nutritional and health benefits. The team adapted materials from the British heart foundation and identified “my plate” to highlight types of food groups and recommended portion sizes. Staff identified that despite catering services providing a range of healthy meals to patients, the daily hot puddings they provided impacted on patients’ weight. During collaborative engagement discussions with the patients led to an agreement that the puddings be reduced to twice weekly with more exotic fruit as a replacement. An email was thereafter sent to the catering department manager requesting for the patients suggestions to be effected. Third stage of the cycle is STUDY. Kerridge (2012) state that this focuses on monitoring outcomes, evaluating or reviewing the change after its implementation. This ensures that the aim is achieved with a clear quality improvement put in
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