The Last Judgement, By Michelangelo Buonarroti

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The art’s development is important for all the spheres of societal evolution. Indeed, it often stands at the beginning of the new era, represents the topics which could be hidden before and appeal to the relatively new type of human being. Renaissance and Baroque were the historical periods which correlated with each other and were both contrasting and cooperative in some of the aspects. Michelangelo Buonarroti was an artist whose influence on further artistic development is undeniable as he showed how Renaissance changed human mind, its advantages, and drawbacks. Contrastingly, Andrea Pozzo was depicted how Renaissance led to the creation of another artistic trend in Baroque by combining some of the methods and adding new stylistic features.…show more content…
This work was a result of a long process and it was created after about four years of the author’s efforts. In particular, the work was finished in 1541 (The Last Judgement para. 3). This work is known as one of the most fundamental masterpieces of Renaissance due to the elaborated structure of the painting. It is evident how the work is divided into three main parts which are the flying angels, Jesus and the Virgin Mary among the blessed, and the end of times. This work represents the stylistic specificities of Renaissance, such as realism, linear perspective, and blue background. Though there are other elements, these remain the key ones. Realism is shown in every detail because all the characters are depicted closely to the real humans. The realism of the picture is also supported by its linear perspective as all the characters are different in size regarding their distance from the viewer. The blue background is one of the key elements in Renaissance and this work is significant because this color often deepens the picture. Michelangelo used the special color, ultramarine, which was rare, it was found only in Afghanistan, and its price was high (para.
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