The Last Kingdom Character Analysis

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The Last Kingdom, written by Bernard Cornwell, is a novel following a young Anglo-Saxon boy named Uhtred through his journey of growing up as a dane after being taken in a battle. When Uhtred is seven years old Danes come to where he lives,Bebbanburg, and kill his brother. Since he is next in line to own and rule Bebbanburg, his father takes him into battle against the danes. However, when Uhtred sees the man that killed his brother, he charges into battle and meets someone that would shape him into being the man he will become. After his father is killed in the battle, the man who killed his brothers takes him back and raises him as a son due to his courageous behaviors at the battle. The influence the Danish culture had on Uhtred at such a young age is more than prevalent through his actions and thoughts in the book. Although he was born and Anglo-Saxon, Uhtred displays traits of a Dane. Throughout the book, it was easy to see Uhtred was exceptionally hardworking. He displayed this characteristic when he was faced with many difficult tasks. An example of this is, “Rorik and I helped make the pit in the clearing. We axed through tree roots, shoveled out earth, and still Ragnar wanted it deeper”(59). Even Though Uhtred might not have enjoyed all of the manual labor, he completed the task that was his responsibility as a dane. Uhtreds unwavering desire to become a fearsome Dane encouraged him to execute whatever was asked of him. Another instance where Uhtred is hard working
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