The Last Known Transcendentalist: Eustace Conway

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Eustace Conway is one of a few individuals who live a pre-modern lifestyle. He lives in the middle of the woods, doing things his way. He is a spiritual man and views life differently than the common man. He has studied what is now his way of life and lived it his whole adult life. There have been others who view life that way, more so in the past compared to modern times. There have been fewer that are as popular and famous as Eustace. The way he views life is called transcendentalism. Unlike past transcendental icons, Eustace Conway is successful in his ways of living and incorporates his transcendental lifestyle into everything he does. Eustace is mentally stable and healthy, with which past transcendental icons have been questioned.

Eustace was born in South Carolina in 1961. He has been living in the woods for most of his life. Despite what most of our society thinks he does have an educational background besides basic school. Eustace studied at the Appalachian Trail University in North Carolina. He has degrees in English and Anthropology. He has a strong tie to the woods, he has since a young age. At the age of 17 Eustace moved away from his parents and moved into the woods. He lived right outside of town in the town of the University. Eustace lived that way by himself, and was and still is successful at it today. His mindset about the woods and how he thinks about life is called transcendentalism.

Eustace has a unique lifestyle, he does his tasks his way.
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