The Last Lecture Essay

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The Last Lecture By: Randy Pausch Table of Contents Significance of the Title 5 Setting 6 Main Conflict 7 Main Characters 8 The Major Change 9 Truths About Human Nature 10 Quotes from the Book 11 Significance of the Title The title of the book comes from the concept of a retiring professor’s last lecture, that gives insights into the professor’s life and what really matters to him. This book is based on the inspirational speech Randy Pausch gave on September…show more content…
He learns to put his family and friends before material things. Randy then decides to do a lecture that would literally be his last lecture so that his children would have a better understanding of who their father was and what he was like. Towards the end of the book Randy focuses more on living the rest of his life to the fullest and making sure that his children know that he loves them. Truths About Human Nature Everybody wants to be happier. No matter how happy people are there is always something that would make them happier. If you love someone enough you won’t stop until they’re yours. Randy never stopped when trying to persuade Jai to move to Pittsburg with him. He did what ever it took to win her over. A loving parent always wants to see their child happy. When Randy was a kid he parents allowed him to draw on the walls of his bedroom because they knew how happy it would make him. Even though they weren’t Randy’s kids he always wanted to see his niece and nephew happy even if that meant spilling soda in the seat of his car. Quotes From The Book “If you want something bad enough never Personally I like this quote because I Give up( and take a boost when offered).” myself am a very determined
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