The Last Lover Monologue

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His clear, blue eyes,
Illuminate his gaze.
Loving sensation runs through my veins,
Pumping warmth within me.

These days vanish,
Like the figments of a fantasy.
Heavy burdens lie on my back,
Rocks weigh me down,
As I plummet to the edge.

I resist the fall.
I grip
On to my thinning rope
Held by scarce strings,
My last hope.

I am that person
In solitary,
Shadows tower over me,
Engulfing my forgotten mind.

Reflecting upon my sins,
Tears flow down my dusty cheeks,
Staining tomorrow.
I breathe,
As a flow of hot lava fills my lungs,
Burning down what I once was.

It steals away my sanity,
Breaks my glass heart
To a puzzle of a million shards.
Now inhumane.

Lover’s dull eyes,
Now full of deep sorrow, deception,
Watch as my
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