The Last Night Dialectical Journal

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Chapter One—-Unexpected Guests S tepping out of a long narrow and hand hewn log bunkhouse; part of a small campsite located deep within the forests of Northern Knox scurries a handsome young man. The young man frantically struggles as he pulls, tugs and buttons his camouflage shirt and khakis into some semblance of order and then begin to at first jog and then to swiftly run towards the camp’s mess hall. He reaches inside himself searches for more speed and finds it as he flies past the blacksmith shed where a sorrel gray mare stands impatiently twitching as it gets new shoes. He picks up the pace even further and waves as he passes the blacksmith’s hut and then he is gone kicking up dust as he dashes past the barn almost to the kitchen when… Out of the barn booms an authoritative voice, which demands! “Stop right now! I need to speak with…show more content…
“The gypsy’s…the gypsy’s! They come…” His announcement confirmed minutes later by a clatter and rattle as eight gaudily painted rolling cabins on wheels drawn by a large white draft horse, roll along forming a rough circle as come to a stop in a large clearing on the outskirts of camp. Seven of the wagons are identically painted in a brilliant red lacquer and with the edges and spoke wheels painted glossy black. The wagons built as small rounded cabins complete with front and back doors and each side of the wagon equipped with a small square window complete with a flower box filled with cooking spices. An eighth and much larger wagon leads the caravan. This wagon pulled by four solid white draft horses. This wagon, unlike the others, is ornately painted, the sides filled with hand drawn purple, blue, and pink gilded roses which are outlined in the finest gilded
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