The Last Of The Mohicans

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“The Last of the Mohicans” is a historical film directed by Michael Mann about the emerging love of two people as conflict, war and tragedy churns around them. The movie is set in 1757 in the midst of the French and Indian War. The characters and events in this movie help to reinforce the material covered in this course, such as the alliances formed between various Indian tribes and the French in an attempt to defeat the British. Fort William Henry was a British fort located in the colony of New York and was under the charge of Colonel Munro. Major Heyward, a soldier in the British Army, was given orders to report to the fort and was also given the responsibility of safely escorting the Colonel’s daughters, Alice and Cora, to the fort. Before their journey, Major Heyward, who is in love with Cora, offers a proposal of marriage to which she gives no response. They set off on their journey accompanied by a few soldiers and a guide, Magua, who is actually a French ally unbeknownst to the British party he is guiding.
At the same time the British party begin their journey to Fort William Henry, three Mohican fur trappers are heading west through the Adirondack Mountains to find a new home. Chingachgook is the oldest and brings with him his son, Uncas, and an adopted white son, Nathaniel Hawkeye. The two parties meet as Magua leads the British party he is guiding into an ambush. Hawkeye and the two Mohicans were able to save Major Heyward and Munro’s daughters. The rest of their…
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