The Last Protected Class Discriminated Against Within The Hospitality Industry

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The last protected class discriminated against within the hospitality industry that will be examined is religion. Everyone has their own beliefs, and practices their own faith, but at times these practices can interfere with one’s job opportunities and livelihood. In the case, Christian Emergency Services Supervisory Officer Denied Religious Accommodation and Subjected to Harassment at Keystone Resort, the victim, Lisa Marie Cornwell, an emergency services supervisor at the Keystone Resort, was subjected to harassment for not only her Christian religion but for her gender as well. She was denied religious accommodation and treated less favorably than her male counterparts. The EEOC said that Cornwell’s supervisor, Rick Garcia, banned her and another Christian employee from discussing their Christian beliefs and would not allow them to listen to Christian music while on duty. Moreover, according to the EEOC, Garcia ridiculed Cornwell for asking for scheduling accommodation so that she could attend her desired religious services, and denied her requests while scheduling lower ranking officers for the shifts she requested. On top of that, Cornwall was also sexually harassed, so she went through a lot. According to the EEOC, Cornwell could have been scheduled so that she could attend her religious services, without any cost or disruption to Vail’s business operations, and the company was required by law to make an accommodation. Also, Title VII prohibits workplace harassment
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