The Last Red Macaw

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Bartholomew sat on the dirty plane flying from San Francisco to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. He thought about his current assignment and how he was going to find this very rare animal in less than two weeks. But he also thought about the rewards. If he was able to find this rare animal he would be paid one thousand dollars per day, which is double the amount of the regular salary. This was obviously a big deal for his employer, National Geographic, and he was very nervous that he was going to let them down. Bartholomew had never failed an assignment and was not about to fail this one. He told himself to shape up and look on the bright side. If he did complete this assignment he would be paid a fortune! Bartholomew just landed at the Henry E. Rohlsen airport in St. Croix. Tortola is the main island in the area of the caribbean called the US Virgin islands. Bartholomew and his wife, Makaela, are now in a race against time. They quickly scramble to exit the airport with all of their luggage in hand. A van was waiting for them at the airport. The first thing they experience about the virgin islands is that they have a very interesting accent. Even though they speak in english, it is a dialect that any normal english speaker can not understand. Bartholomew tells the driver, “to the Moorings dock” and the driver starts the engine and takes off. They drive past the heart of the city and pass many beautiful shops on the way. Some shops consist of colorful
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