The Last Samurai By Captain Nathan Algren

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I have chosen to talk about the movie The Last Samurai. This is a movie that takes places in Japan, with Captain Nathan Algren as one of the main characters. He was hired to lead an attack against a rebellion of Samurais, who were opposing to the use of firearms. In the first battle, the Captain’s force and himself were badly wounded. The leader of the rebellion, whose name was Katsumoto spares Captain Algren life and takes him into his town for recovery. Once healthy Captain Algren learns the history, traditions and techniques of the Samurai. By the time passing, he develops romantic feeling for Taka. Then he joins Katsumoto by telling him that he would fight to protect Taka, her children, and Katsumoto. When they go to the final battle, they lose heavily but never give up. Luckily Captain Algren still lived and when the Emperor was going to decide to give the U.S right to sell firearms to Japan, he walks in and offers Katsumoto sword to the Emperor. Then the Emperor realizes that its history is rich and important, so he declines to give the U.S rights at that time. After that Captain Algren backs off and heads back to the village where Taka and her children were waiting for them. The first course concept I’m going to talk about is cultural differences. Their backgrounds are not very alike, each of them has a different past and views about things. In the movie, it shows how they dress differently. He learns how they have a different way of dressing and customs. They eat

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