The Last Samurai

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The Last Samurai Think about your friends, family, and your loved ones for a second. Think about what luxuries you have and how you have come to love them. Doesn’t it make you feel blessed and lucky to be who you are? Now imagine being thrown onto enemy territory, a lonely and dangerous place with nothing. In order to survive you must communicate with the enemy and learn to live their way—the total opposite culture you hate. In the movie, The Last Samurai, the author portrays a Civil War veteran, Captain Algren, commander and trainer of Japan’s new technology-efficient military. His task is to defeat a rebellion of the remaining Samurai in Japan. After Algren is captured, he is taken into their village as an information tool. He begins to …show more content…
The environment containing all this noise from both parties is the main contributor to the horrible communication. No message is getting to each of the communicators, and they are worse off from where they started. According to a journal on Students’ Classroom Communication Effectiveness, it states that if people are more effective communicators in terms of involvement, responsiveness, and assertiveness, they are generally cited with greater affective learning, indicators, and motivation to act (Frymier 212). A little more into the movie, Katsumoto and Algren start to communicate like civilized people—brothers almost. They learned that arguing will not get them anywhere, and need to take appropriate actions. In accordance with scholarly journal, “Why Nurses Need High Self-Esteem”, the definition of self-esteem has two parts (Dekkers 2). First, self-esteem is mastery-orientated rather than achievement-orientated. Meaning, the central issue of self-esteem is to master abilities rather than to pursue goals as effortlessly as possible. This will make a person feel better overall. Second, it monitors a person’s suitability for membership of desired groups and relationships. A scene took place where a young samurai got caught in an area he wasn’t supposed to be in. The police officers made a fool of him and kicked him down to the ground. They then began cut off his top knot, which is a tradition in the Samurai culture. It was an egobuster to the samurai—they
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