The Last Seven Weeks Of Business Research Methods

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The last seven weeks in Business Research methods have been a very rewarding experience. This class has taught me new things about proper research and refreshed past information I have learned in other research classes. Throughout this class, we have covered topics spanning every aspect of the research process. We started with oral and written presentation of research findings. Next moving to types of research studies, including qualitative, quantitative, observation, experiments, and surveys. Finally, we covered topics such as creation of a questionnaire and how to utilize data in the final two weeks of the course. There was one specific thing that was a new experience for me, the exploration of qualitative research. Most of my research background in the course of my undergraduate studies involved quantitative research and creation of surveys. It great to be able to explore qualitative methods such as focus groups and interviews and to understand how they can properly supplement or even replace these more statistical based research methods (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). The one topic we discussed in the class that I had previously learned through but needed to have my knowledge reinforced on, was creation of a questionnaire. This class has reminded me of how important the process of actually creating a survey is. A questionnaire’s design can affect the results of a study in a major way unless researchers design their instruments in a manner to reduce the occurrence of
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