The Last Song Personal Response

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“The Last Song” is a breathtaking film directed by Julie-Anne Robinson about a teenage girl, Ronnie, whose parents divorced when she was young and she has been rebellious ever since. Ronnie and her father had a special language they spoke through, music. When Ronnie’s parents divorce she refused to play. Not only did she loose contact with her dad she lost contact with music too. This is until Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to stay with their dad in North Carolina over the summer. The main themes in this movie are love and forgiveness and Ronnie is truly admirable in both these aspects. Ronnie’s relationship with her dad is lost when her parents divorced because they had a special connection through music. Ronnie blamed her dad…show more content…
It’s hard to forgive people when they make a mistake and I have gone through this situation before. My best friend and I were really close and shared everything like personal jokes and always hung out, and then she moved schools so I didn’t see her as much but we always talked and we were both always there for each other. Unfortunately she made a massive mistake that ruined our friendship for months. We fought all the time then just lost contact all together. She moved country and I thought that things would just sort themselves out. She apologised several times until I finally found the courage to talk to her, it took me a while to accept her apology but I realised that the situation wasn’t worth losing a best friend over and I forgave her. Unfortunately things between us will never be the same but I am happy that I had the courage to forgive her after everything. I realised that forgiving her was the right thing to do and I haven’t regretted it. I blamed her for a mistake that we both realised was wrong but wasn’t worth losing our friendship over. Watching “The Last Song” has taught me to always love my family and friends and to always find a way to forgive them for their mistakes no matter how big they are because you never know what going to happen tomorrow. The Last Song is a truly inspirational movie and the character Ronnie has also inspired to never give up on my dreams and talents like she gave up on music. I believe love and forgiveness
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