The Last Space Lord

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I am number 69, the last of my kind. We were the space lords and there were 70 of us on earth. We came because the Virus Fang destroyed our planet. We came here in individual transport- no two-space lords came together. The way that I made it here is by a Legof. A Legof is the name of our spaceships back on my planet that can travel in any atmosphere and disguise itself as anything. The Legof is as living as I am. Most of us traveled that way, but there were a few of us who knew how to teleport. Now I am the last one left to save the world from the Virus Fang. I have been hiding from the monsters that killed most of my brothers. The Virus Fang search to destroy all life from space lords to humans.
The scars of my dead brethren are split between my two legs. Each of the scars is engraved with a small picture of which of my brethren it represents, leaving a memory of those who I have lost in battle. The scars hurt every once in a while. It’s almost like they are still living as a part of me. Some mornings I wake up and the pain is so unbearable that I actually believe that my brethren are crawling out of the scars on my leg and coming back to life.

It’s morning. It seems almost impossible to get out of my warm, cozy confortable bed on this seemingly normal morning. But the warm smell of hot cocoa in the air awakens me filling with happiness and joy. All of my childhood memories of my mom’s delicious hot cocoa. It is almost like I’m in one of those human children cartoons,
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