Analysis Of The Last Supper

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The Last Supper by leonardo da vinci, This is a significant piece of italian high renaissance artwork (This artwork is known as the first high renaissance aesthetics) and is still known as one of the best works of christian art. This scene by leonardo depicts the last days of jesus christ on earth. In the gospel of John 13:21 it states “Verily I say unto you: one of you will betray me”. Though this artwork may look like a strong biblical depiction on first take. It is a much more complex piece of artwork. To analyze this painting we will first take a look at the apostles themselves. Starting from the left and working to the right. There are four easily recognisable groups of three. The first group Bartholomew, James and Andrew, Their reactions to the news shocked. The group to the right of Andrew is Judas iscariot who is taken back at this, beside him is peter who is clenching a knife and looks blustery. The youngest of the apostles John is overcome by the news and faint. The third group is Thomas is simply upset, Followed by james who is very shocked almost as if he has been slapped. Philips is looking around and wanting an explanations as to why. For the final group Jude along with Mathew look towards simon asking for some type answers. This paintings is even unique just for the placement of one apostles in particular this being judas. In many past portrayals of this scene Judas is the only one not wearing a halo or instead is put alone of to the side by himself or is
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