The Last Supper By Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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When Leonardo da Vinci painted his famous work, “The Last Supper”, he prepared himself by making a thorough study of the lives of each of the twelve Apostles as well as the Lord. Then he set out to find real faces to paint as the faces of the thirteen men represented in the painting.
As the story goes, he thought finding a face to paint as the face of the Lord would be the most difficult. His goal was to find a man in whose face; he could see love, compassion and kindness. He wanted to see the glow of purity in his countenance and a gleam akin to divinity in his eyes.
Da Vinci searched for a number of months before he found a man whose countenance portrayed the characteristics that he needed to paint the face of Jesus Christ. The man gave his permission and his face was painted as the face of the Lord.
During the following three years, Leonardo da Vinci found other men, whose faces he painted as the faces of Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, Thaddaeus and Simon.
Then he began searching for a face to paint as the face of Judas. He would need to find a man in whose face he could see dissipation and despair. There would be no gleam in his eyes. Finally, he learned about a fellow who was being held down at the jail for thievery and drunkenness. The artist went to the jail and as soon as he saw the man, he knew the face that he had been looking was found. He had discovered the face, he would paint as that of Judas; the

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