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The Last Supper “Charity, would you mind setting the table for supper-” Nancy stopped mid-sentence, when she saw the look on Charity 's face. The poor child has no idea of how to set a table, thought Nancy. She smiled at Charity, hoping to ease the anxiousness that was clearly visible on her face. “It 's alright dear, I 'll show you how. I am sure you can catch on, pretty quick.” When they had gotten everything ready and on the table, Nancy went to the door and called the men folk in for supper. Charity was hungry, but once everyone had fixed their plate and began eating, she became nervous. She could hardly eat because she kept sneaking looks at Henry. It seemed he had a second sense or something, because nearly every time she peeked at him, he was looking at her! Her grandfather and Eli were still talking about the fur trade and farming. Eli told her grandfather that he was thinking about clearing off more land and diversifying his crops. He wanted to plant something else besides potatoes and corn. He said that the land was rich and fertile, most anything ought to grow there. Then, he grumbled that he wanted other stuff to eat, he said that he was tired of just meat, potatoes, and corn. *** Charity thought to herself that there had been many a day that she wished she had some potatoes to eat; there’d also been days when she would have liked to have fresh meat on the table. She couldn’t understand anyone grumbling about having too much of something to eat… *** “Be
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