The Last Two Decades Have Been Severely Focused On Lincoln

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9. Introduction: The last two decades have been severely focused on Lincoln. You can find different views on how the 19th century went, and this book was created to enhance people’s understanding of Lincoln and his time. The authors of the separate essays in the book are described in detail, like Mark Neeley who gave new information on the civil liberties during that century and Harold Holzer who describes Lincoln’s love for showing his image.

1. Lincoln, Commander In Chief: Abraham Lincoln was unprepared but did everything he could during the time of the Civil War. His only experince of war was the Black Hawk War that occurred in 1824. He mocked his entire military career during one of his speeches to Congress because he felt he didn’t make enough change. During his time as Commander in Chief, he learned a lesson on how to deal with military forces when he ordered troops into service. Despite the lack of experience with military, he was a self taught lawyer, master of geometry, and did try to work hard with military stategy. By 1862, he was actually considered a master. Many historians consider him better than any other presidents before him, despite the fact that he was bounded by war. His first document was actually war-related. He tried his best even though in the end, he ended up being shot just five days after General Robert. E. Lee surrended at the battle of Appomatox. Lincoln really spent most of his time dealing with war matters than anything. He only left…
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