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Directed by a fan of the musicians involved in the film, The Last Waltz is considered one of the greatest musical films, if not the greatest, ever produced in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. It features the last concert given by a group of musicians who referred to themselves as “The Band”. Hence the name The Last Waltz was given to the title of the film. Besides the concert, the viewers are enlightened with the life experiences of these musicians through the interviews dispersed between the scenes of the concert. In this way, the movie is created as an informative film since the interviews inform the audience of the background information of The Band. The Last Waltz is a unique documentary because of its exceptional techniques …show more content…
In the film, the director has introduced the technique of tracking shots for places presented in the scenes. These slow moving long shots communicate to the viewers of the life back in the 1960s. At the same time, it captures the voice of the ‘60’s counter culture. Clearly, in viewing the shots of the town, the audience was provided with evidence of their lifestyles. Some were dressed in the Hippies fashion. There were many people cuddling in groups, drinking and smoking on the streets as if they were living the time of their life. The frequent exposures of these drugs/cigarettes in the shots and many scenes throughout the documentary may not have been as acceptable in today’s films.

On a side note, the music they listened to was closely linked to the musical influences in which The Band had drawn their music from. Although much of the influences had come from the music genre of country, there were other ones exhibited such as the blues (the group had invited Muddy Waters, a legendary blues musician, as one of their guests for the concert) and folk music.

The shootings of the film were considered more artistic than that of the typical styles accounted in a documentary. The lightings it presented were far beyond the usual expectations of a documentary. There were scenes where pools of light were alternating in the background of the stage as the

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