The Lasting Effects Of Social Class On Our Education System

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The Lasting Affect Social Class Has On Our Education System The socioeconomic classes have entirely taken control of our education system at all levels. It starts at the young age of students who have trouble learning as every student is different and it takes a vast amount of strategies to help each student learn, but our schools are failing to do so. Our social classes determine the type of education we will receive before we are even grown to realize it. Students of different classes are not given equal opportunities toward their education. Therefore, how do we expect them to reach their full potential and become successful if they are not given the essentials to get there.
We as humans are fundamentally conditioned to believe that you can either be street smart or you can be school smart, but you cannot be both. As a young adult I find this to be completely narrow-minded and inaccurate. Anyone can be both, street and school smart if they are taught the proper way that suits them. Every student is different with diverse interests, with that being said, why are schools still stuck in the mind-set that the only way for a child to learn how to critically think is when reading about ancient philosophers or other intellectual studies. From a personal standpoint, there is nothing that helps me learn more than when I am learning about things that I am passionate for. All students have their own personal strength in learning and some take longer to find theirs, for Gerald Graff…

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